About Hainworth Woods

The woodland was the residence of Sir John Clough who lived there with his wife and family until his death. Their house was called Haincliffe House.

Sir John was a local mill owner and was knighted for his services in the war.

When his son married he had the mansion named Redholt built in the grounds. Redholt, now a private residence still stands today.

Later at the turn of the century John passed away and the son had Haincliffe house pulled down. They took the stone and built a large extension onto Redholt.

The old coach house at the bottom of the site was later converted into a private bungalow, their garden boarders our site on the lower side.

The gate house is also a private residence, now called Haincliffe Lodge. Our entrance track is the original track from Hainworth road NOT via the gate house.

Over the years with help from volunteers we have transformed the overgrown and neglected woodlands into a useable outdoor space in Keighley.

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