Bushcraft & Wild Camping in the Worth Valley between Haworth and Keighley

Hainworth Wood is a wild campsite campsite near the village of Hainworth in West Yorkshire. It provides fun and educational activities for lots of different groups. An ideal location for bushcraft, forest schools and survival skills.

The woodland is privately owned and wild camping is permitted with the permission of the landowner/ Campers are required to contact the owner and follow the ‘leave no trace’ principles, in general: leave things as you found them.

Our rules

  • Camp away from residential property
  • Leave no litter, move others and dont bury it
  • Light fires only in the designated fire pits
  • Do not remove stones from the walls
  • Leave the campsite as you would want to find it
  • Carry out everything you carried in
  • At all times, help protect the environment

Hainworth Wood provides a chance for a wild adventure and back to nature experience. With no facilities this is your chance to test your survival skills, increase confidence and learn more about the natural resources surrounding us.

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